Mo Chyi company was established in 1994. It has always been holding on the principle of “high quality and customer satisfaction” and it specializes in researching and manufacturing hot runner system plastic injection mold , insert labeling mold , and plastic food container mold. So far, it has manufactured and exported over 1,000 molds worldwide including countries like U.S. , U.K. , France, China , Thailand , Malaysia , Phillpines, Indonesia , Columbia , Salvador , Saudi Arabia , India , Congo , Egypt , Ivory Coast etc…

Mo Chyi owns an outstanding mold design and manufacturing ability. With its strict QC, it maintains a better production flow, and research that enables a more advanced technology and higher productivity. Our aim, besides providing seamless products and quality, is to meet and achieve customers' expectations.

Characteristics of moki patent hot runner system mold

Short cycle time ( shortest time up to 3.2 sec with advanced blowing technology ), high productivity, and good stability.
Most suitable for light weight and extra-thin (thinnest up to 0.3mm ) disposable products.
Wastes reducing, production cost lowering, high stability of finished products, and low defective rate .
Strong mold structure, floating structure, thin finished products, average thickness, stable quality, long-life of mold.

Advanced technology / Professional manufacturing

  • Hot runner system plastic mold
  • Insert labeling mold
  • Food container injection mold
  • Pudding cup, aviation cup , coffee cup, yogurt cup mold
  • Paint Tub ( 1~ 5L , 10L , 15L , 20L ) mold
  • P.P. microwave bowl mold ( 120, 250, 360, 500, 700, 850,999, 1000cc )
  • P.P. microwave cup mold ( 120, 250, 360, 500, 750cc )
  • Bottle cap, fork, knive, spoon mold
  • Thin dining ware and container mold
  • To assist finishing the customer's product designing and molding

Quality guarantee

To insure the quality to satisfaction to our customers, we pay strict attention on every detail during the production. From the parts discussing with customer, mold designing optimization management, steel hardness examination, hot runner electronic control system examination , mold component processing size control, mold component fabricating examination, mold testing and sample testing, sample size examination report and mold testing report, and final testing etc… The whole production flows are strictly controlled to make sure the on-time delivery and excellent quality.